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White Polypropylene Ground Cover for Greenhouse

White Polypropylene Ground Cover for Greenhouse

White PP Ground Cover(Weed Barrier), Because it can reflect light, So generally used in greenhouses to increase the light level in the greenhouse

Line Colors: Green, Blue, Black(Accept Customization)

Features & Advantages

(1) Produced with projectile machines imported from Europe(Sulzer),Make the overall structure, size and quality of the product consistent with the European market.

(2) White polypropylene ground Cover (weed control mat) can effectively reflect the sun's rays, and the reflected sun's rays illuminate the leaves downward, so that the plant leaves can receive sunlight on both sides, promote plant photosynthesis, and accelerate the growth of crops.

(3)Quality Inspection Center

For details, please Check our "Quality Control Procedeur" in the Quality & Certificate column

In the Agricultural net industry, we have the most complete quality inspection equipment, such as QUV, Fabric Strength Tester, Shading Rate Tester, Raw Material Moisture Tester, etc.


Technical Data Sheet
ItemWhite Polypropylene Ground Cover
Raw Material100% PP + U.V
Knitting MachineProjectile Machine
ColorsWhite, Brown...
Regular Gram Weight90gsm, 100gsm, 110gsm and 120gsm
Maximum Production Width5.2m
Regular Length100m, 200m..

Packing in roll with Paper Tube, PE bags and

Color label


White Polypropylene Ground Cover(Weed Control Mat) are widely used in greenhouses, Such as strawberries, peppers...