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Black PP Woven Ground Cover for Vegetables
Black PP Woven Ground Cover for Vegetables

Black PP Woven Ground Cover for Vegetables

Designed to prevent weeds from spreading in crops, thereby better protecting crops and greatly reducing labor

Available Color: Black, White, Brown...(Accept Customization)

Line Color: Green, Blue, Red...(Accept Customization)


1. This Weed Control Mat is woven by circular weaving machine and the raw material is 100% New Polypropylene.

2. added 3%-5% anti-U.V additives. Besides, the main gram weight are 90gsm, 100gsm and 120gsm.

3.In addition to being used for weed control, it also can keeps the soil moist during dry periods, reducing evaporation, thereby reducing the need for irrigation by up to 30%.

ItemPP Woven Ground Cover
Raw Material

100% PP + U.V

Knitting MachineCircular Weaving Machine
Regular Gram Weight90gsm, 100gsm, 110gsm,120gsm
Maximum Production Width5.2m
Regular Length100m, 200m...


Packing in roll with Paper Tube, Thickened 

PE bags and Color Label

Product Advantage

(1) All use 100% Virgin Polypropylene for production to ensure product quality, without adding any reclaimed materials.

(2) Product size, line color, gram weight can be customized according to customer needs.

(3) Black PP Ground Cover is a product we often produce. If the purchase quantity is lower than the MOQ (our MOQ is 3 tons), it can also be arranged with other customer orders.

(4)Quality Inspection Center

For details, please Check our "Quality Control Procedeur" in the Quality & Certificate column

In the Agricultural net industry, we have the most complete quality inspection equipment, such as QUV, Fabric Strength Tester, Shading Rate Tester, Raw Material Moisture Tester, etc.



Woven Ground Cover are widely used in vegetable planting.

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