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35% Polyester Agricultural Shade Net for Flowers
35% Polyester Agricultural Shade Net for Flowers

35% Polyester Agricultural Shade Net for Flowers

3 Needles Polyester Shade Net, 35% Shading rate, Mainly used in flower planting

Available Colors: Black, White, Green, Blue...

Main Gram Weight: 30gsm to 40gsm

Features & Advantages

(1) We have nearly 100 Sets warp knitting machines, 25 of which are double needle beds, which can meet the various delivery and product requirements of customers.

(2) R&D Department and Sample Production Line

For shade nets, there are many types. In order to meet the needs of customers in different countries, basically products need to be customized according to the UV intensity of different countries. We have our own R&D center and sample production line, which can solve this problem quickly.

(3) QUV(Accelerated Weathering Tester) 


It is currently the only manufacturer with QUV tester in China's HDPE Net Industry. By simulating light, accelerating the aging of the product, so as to test the usage life of the product, to ensure that it meets customer requirements.

Technical Data Sheet
Item35% Polyester shade net
Raw Material100% Virgin HDPE + 3%-5% U.V
Knitting MachineWarp Knitting Machine
FormTape & Tape
ColorsBlack, Green, White...
Gram Weight30gsm to 40gsm
Maximum Production Width16m
100m, 200m...
Usage Life3-5 Years
Daily Average Output

Mainly used in flower Planting