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Customized Green Olive Harvest Netting With Central Split for Sale

Customized Green Olive Harvest Netting With Central Split for Sale

This processed olive harvest netting makes it easier to place it under the olive tree and facilitate the collection of olives

Main Sizes: 8x10m, 8x8m, 6x10m...(Accept Customization)

Main Colors: Green

Common Gram Weight: 90GSM


1. The Olive Harvest Netting is made of lightweight material (HDPE), which has high temperature resistance, cold resistance, UV protection, durability, etc;

2. It can also be used to collect a many of fruits such as walnuts, olives, hazelnuts, chestnuts and plums, etc;

3. Suitable for various terrains.

ItemCustomized Olive Harvest Netting For Sale
Raw Material100% Virgin HDPE + 3%-5% U.V
Knitting MachineWarp Knitting Machine
Gram Weight90GSM
Common Sizes

8x10m, 10x10m, 6x8m...

(Accept Customization´╝ë

Usage Life3-5 years
PackagingPacking in PE bags 
Product Advantage

(1) We have our own processing workshop to meet the various needs of customers.

(2) The four corners and edges of the olive harvest net have been reinforced to prevent damage during use.

(3)Quality Inspection Center

For details, please Check our "Quality Control Procedeur" in the Quality & Certificate column

In the Agricultural net industry, we have the most complete quality inspection equipment, such as QUV, Fabric Strength Tester, Shading Rate Tester, Raw Material Moisture Tester, etc.



It is convenient for customers to place the olive net reasonably according to the topography, location of the olive tree and other factors

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