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Customized Insect Mesh Netting For Packaging and Transportation of Fresh Fruits

Customized Insect Mesh Netting For Packaging and Transportation of Fresh Fruits

Special application of anti insect net--for long-distance transportation of fresh fruits

Main Meshes: 9x9' or 12x12'

The size can be customized according to customer requirements


1. Also called Anti Insect Bag;

2. For the long-distance transportation of fresh fruits, the most important thing is to keep them fresh. If the film is used for packaging, due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside, it is easy to form water vapor, breed bacteria, and cause the fruit to rot.

3. The use of air-permeable insect nets can effectively avoid the above-mentioned problems, and can also prevent the entry of various insects.

Customized Insect Netting(Insect Bag)
Raw Material100% Virgin HDPE + U.V
Knitting Machine
Gripper-Projectile Machine
Common Meshes10x10' 9x9'...
Main Gram Weight80gsm
SizeAccept Customization
Packing in PE bags
Product Advantage

(1) We have our own processing workshop and skilled seamer to ensure fast delivery.

(2)QUV(Accelerated Weathering Tester) 


It is currently the only manufacturer with UV Tester in China's plastic net industry. By simulating sunlight, accelerating product aging, testing the usage life of different products, and providing more accurate warranty period.

(3)Quality Inspection Center
In the plastic net industry, we have the most complete quality inspection equipment, such as QUV, Fabric Strength Tester, Shading Rate Tester, Raw Material Moisture Tester, etc.



Mainly used for long-distance transportation of fresh fruit