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Black HDPE Anti Hail Mesh for Fruits and Flowers

Black HDPE Anti Hail Mesh for Fruits and Flowers

Protect various fruit seedlings(Apple, Grape,etc.) from hail

Product size, color, opening size can be customized according to customer requirements

Features & Advantages

(1) We have more than 20 sets projectile machines imported from Europe, which can not only guarantee fast delivery, but also make the mesh structure and quality of the products suitable for European market standards.

(2) All raw materials are made of 100% Virgin HDPE, without adding any reclaimed materials.

(3) We have our own R&D department, which can customize production according to customer needs.

(4) QUV(Accelerated Weathering Tester) 


It is currently the only manufacturer with QUV tester in China's HDPE Net Industry. By simulating light, accelerating the aging of the product, so as to test the usage life of the product, to ensure that it meets customer requirements.

(5)Quality Inspection Center

For details, please Check our "Quality Control Procedeur" in the Quality & Certificate column

In the Agricultural net industry, we have the most complete quality inspection equipment, such as QUV, Fabric Strength Tester, Shading Rate Tester, Raw Material Moisture Tester, etc.


Technical Data Sheet
ItemBlack HDPE Anti Hail Mesh for Fruits
Raw Material100% Virgin HDPE + 3%-5% U.V
Knitting MachineGripper-Projectile Machine
Gram Weight45GSM To 75GSM
Width1m,2m...(Accept Customization)
Usage Life3-5 Years
PackagingPacking in Roll with Paper Tube and Color Label

It is the most effective and economical way to protect fruit trees, seedlings, and small shrubs from hail