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White Rhombic HDPE Bird Netting for Garden

White Rhombic HDPE Bird Netting for Garden

Designed to prevent birds from entering orchards and crops, thereby increasing crop yields.

Main Colors: Dark Green, White, Black

Main Mesh Sizes: 15x15mm, 20x20mm


1. The anti bird net with Rhombic is made of high-strength Monofilament threads and added with about 3% to 5% of anti-ultraviolet additives, so that the product can prevent large birds and insects from damaging crops for a long time.

2. In addition, due to the large mesh, water, air, and light can pass through perfectly without affecting the normal growth of crops.

ItemBird Netting with Rhombic
Raw Material100% Virgin HDPE + 5% U.V
Knitting MachineWarp Knitting Machine
ColorsWhite, Black
Common Gram Weight20GSM To 45GSM
Opening Size15x15mm, 20x20mm...
Maximum Production Width16m
Length100m, 200m...
Usage Life3-5 years

Packing in roll with Paper Tube, PE bags and 

Color Label

Product Advantage

(1) We have more than 20 sets double-needle bed warp knitting machines, so that the maximum width of the product can reach 16m, to meet the various needs of customers.

(2) The Opening Size, color and Product Size can be customized according to customer requirements.

(3) QUV(Accelerated Weathering Tester) 


It is currently the only manufacturer with QUV tester in China's HDPE Net Industry. By simulating light, accelerating the aging of the product, so as to test the usage life of the product, to ensure that it meets customer requirements.

(4)Quality Inspection Center

For details, please Check our "Quality Control Procedeur" in the Quality & Certificate column

In the Agricultural net industry, we have the most complete quality inspection equipment, such as QUV, Fabric Strength Tester, Shading Rate Tester, Raw Material Moisture Tester, etc.



Widely used in various orchards, vegetable plantations, etc.

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